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Welcome to Temple Chayai Shalom SULAM

Education at Temple Chayai Shalom is SULAM – a Source for Understanding Learning, And Meaning – an opportunity to put Jewish wisdom in to practice and engage learners in meaningful and authentic work. The 3rd and 4th grade students of SULAM have embarked on a semester long expedition delving into Jewish teaching about disabilities and our obligation to help others. They explored the big question, “How are we each differently abled and how can we help each other?” As a result of their exploration, the students have created sign language videos of prayers for the deaf and hard of hearing community, worked with a professional artist to create art work reflecting their understanding of Jewish text related to disabilities and designed a website that highlights organizations in the greater Boston area that help people with disabilities and their families. The students with the help of their families, the SULAM staff, TCS volunteers and the ongoing generous support of the Combined Jewish Philanthropies had the experience of applying their learning and creating a useful and beautiful offering to the Greater Boston community.