www.neads.org NEADS: Dogs for deaf and disabled Americans

NEADS is a place where Service Dogs help people who are deaf or have disabilities. Service Dogs guide people and help them do things. Like give a deaf person a signal when they can cross the street. This program organization helps people with disabilities and people who are deaf.
external image Andy-Kingsley-and-Richie-038.jpgThis program is located in West Boylston, Massachusetts. Some people think that these dogs are their heroes! Did you know that and that " This dog is my first freedom." said a lady named Erin who needed help from a service dog. Some of these service dogs have changed some disabled people's lives too. That is because, they'd helped them do things and now these people can do more amazing things with the dogs. Some dogs become people's best friend!
Some volunteers help in so many ways. Sometimes they help the dogs get exersize into their day, or clean their kennel and get them their food and water, or even puppy raising! Other volunteers are needed to explain and tell people about this program.
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Jewish Text 1

Baal Shem Tov
"From every human being there rises a light…”

Reflection to Text 1
No matter who you are, everyone has value.
People and dogs from this program, help these people with disabilities and they want them
to have a chance to do things that they wanted to do.
Jewish Text 2
Midrash Deuteronomy Rabbah, 4:4
A parade of angels pass before each person, and the messengers go before them, saying,
“Make way for the image of G-d!”

Reflection to Text 2
Everybody is different and special and valuable in their own way and all people are made in the image of G-d!
Make way for other people or animals. The dogs and the people are making way for the disabled.
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